Pearson Airport Pick Up Procedure, Pre- Arange Airport Pick up for Limo, YYZ.

Clear customs and pick-up luggage.

Go to Pre-Arrange post.

Terminal 1: Proceed to Door “A”.
Terminal 3: Proceed to Post “7″.
See Commissionaire at designated Pre-Arrange post.
Please give your name to the commissionaire and ask Toronto Airport Transportation to be dispatch.

Call our office at 647-872-3150 if you have any problem.

If Commissionaire tell you that there is no Toronto Airport Transportation registered under your name, please call our office immediately to assist you at 1-800-602-7973. Toronto Airport Transportation monitor each flight. We do ask that you contact us if your flight is cancelled to avoid a no-show or late cancellation charge.

For airport pick up $15 surcharge applies.